OCR's "Fittest Man"?

A recent article from Spartan Race, touted Team SISU Founder Daren de Heras as one of obstacle racing's fittest men.  And while Daren, himself, scoffs at the acclaim, there is no doubting that he has taken on some of the toughest challenges that obstacle racing has to offer.  Daren has completed in 5 Death Races, including the Summer, Winter, and Team events, completing one as an "unofficial" finisher and one as an "official" finisher.  He has also competed in the Fuego y Agua survival race in Nicaragua, two 12-hr Hurricane Heats, the Spartan Ultra Beast Team competition, numerous Tough Mudders, and all the Spartan Races on the so-called "Spartan Mountain".  He currently has the record for most laps around the Malibu Spartan Sprint race course, which he plans to surpass this year in December 2014.  His next big event is the World's Toughest Mudder Team event in November 2014, where he will be racing as part of S.W.A.T. (the SISU Weeple Army Team). 

In his free time, Daren is a loving and supportive father, and enjoys watching his daughter, Madison, compete in gymnastics.  A former high school wrestling coach, Daren loves to inspire and push people to help them achieve their very best.  That's one of the reasons he enjoys organizing and leading Team SISU events today.

Read more about Daren in the Spartan Race article below:

Posted On: 10/13/2014

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