The 2014 SISU 24 - Choose Your Own Adventure

Last weekend 26 participants, 5 volunteers, and 3 SISU staff hiked up to Henninger Flats for our 2nd SISU 24 event.  This year’s event had a last minute change in venue that sent the staff scrambling to figure out a new plan and some new challenges for the racers.  Altadena proved to be a perfect match for the event format and provided an amazing backdrop with lots of elevation and some gorgeous views.

The challenges began even before the official start of the event, as volunteer Edgar Landa and Race Director Matt Trinca hiked through rain and flood conditions to mark the trails that the racers would run.  Then, the next morning racers had to meet at the Eaton Canyon Nature Center to hike up to Henninger with all their racing and camping gear.  This proved to be a very difficult challenge, with some people lugging up over 100-lbs of gear!

After setting up their base camps at Henninger, the rules of the event were explained to all the racers, and they began formulating their strategies.  Most racers decided to go for the eggs at the “Mystery Cave” first, since there was only a limited supply available for them to score with.  11 of 12 eggs made it safely back to base camp for scoring. 

Many racers also decided to run down to Eaton Canyon waterfall early on in the event.  Volunteers, Kevin Kierce and Patrick Scully, were waiting there for them there with a challenge – either complete a 30-minute WOD, or take a dip under the waterfall.  Most elected to get wet, and said it was quite refreshing!

As the clock ticked-on, many opted to try the log carrying challenge.  Racers had to grab the biggest log they could carry from a wood pile and then carry it over a 2.62-mi loop, with a 924-ft elevation gain.  Ken Herzog won heftily with an impressive 50-lb log, which we burned to stay warm during the long, cold night to follow.

Others grabbed their hydration packs and started off for Mt. Wilson – a 12.52-mi hike with 4,238-ft elevation gain that would take most people between 4 and 6 hours to complete.  A few racers completed this hike twice, including Sandra Vicente, who did back-to-back laps up and down the mountain by herself! 

As the sun set, a stellar meteor shower greeted the racers.  While many lay asleep in their tents, struggling to stay warm, a few chose to keep going late into the night.  Dylan Plante ran a blazing fast time down to Eaton Canyon Nature Center and back, while Ken Bujer did almost 30-miles between 9:00pm and 8:00am, giving him an overwhelming lead in the individual competition.  All combined, Ken Bujer ran and hiked 59.63-mi with 31,777-ft elevation gain during the event!

Rookie SISU racers, Akira Hirai and Scott Parker, finished 2nd and 3rd overall.  Akira literally came sprinting in to base camp with less than 5 seconds left to score the final points of the competition and break the tie with Scott.

The Lone Rangers stuck together and used teamwork to win the team competition, running 4 of their laps together over a 17-hour stretch of time.  The Lone Rangers team ran and hiked a combined 118.25-mi with 61,697-ft elevation gain.  Team member, Tera Spencer, scored 42-points by herself, which would have made her the top-scoring female in the individual competition and tied her for 4th place overall.

The race ended exactly 24-hrs after it began.  After the points were all tallied-up, the scores were announced and prizes handed out.  All participants got an inscribed “SISU 24” rock to commemorate their participation.  Team winners and the overall winner got an inscribed compass as well.  Everyone then packed up their gear and hiked back down the hill to their cars. 

New friendships were made, old bonds were strengthened.  Goals were met and surpassed, limits were tested, and boundaries were broken.  In the end, everyone ran their own race and was able to enjoy their own, personalized experience. 

A big thanks to the SISU Staff, including our Race Managers Daren de Heras and Dave Lokey, and all the brave volunteers who helped assure the event was a big success – Edgar, Kevin, Patrick, Colleen Hirai, and Bonnie Mobley.  We couldn’t have done without you!

For more pictures of the event, please visit our SISU 24 album.

Individual Competition

1.       Ken Bujer, 57 points

2.       Akira Hirai, 46 points

3.       Scott Parker, 44 points

4.       Ken Herzog, 42 points

5.       Daniel Villarruel, 42 points

Team Competition

1.       Lone Rangers (Anne, Mimi, & Tera), 112 points

2.       Team Awesomesauce (Dylan, Shaia, & Daniel G.) , 89 points

3.       Conquistadores (Ray, Chris C., & Rosabel), 78 points

4.       Forney & Friends (Joe, Nadar, & Travis), 54 points

5.       Ninja Turtle Beasts (Jill, Anthony, & Nancy), 48 points

Log Carry Challenge

Carrying a log 2.62-mi, with 924-ft elevation gain

1.       Ken Herzog, 49.4-lbs

2.       Akira Hirai, 42-lbs

3.       Sergio Garcia, 36.4-lbs

4.       Ken Bujer, 33.6-lbs

Time Trial Challenge

7.58-miles, with 4,238-ft elevation gain

1.       Dylan Plante, 1:20

2.       Ken Bujer, 1:34

3.       Anthony Givens, 1:41

4.       Sergio Garcia, 1:47

Other Competitor’s Scores

In no particular order

-         Matthew Pak, 32 points

-         Misty Diaz, 2 points

-         Sandra Vicente, 40 points

-         Anne Plourde, 35 points

-         Mimi Schector, 35 points

-         Nadar Nouri, 12 points

-         Jill Izzo, 28 points

-         Dylan Plante, 38 points

-         Shaia Riboni-Maturino, 22 points

-         Daniel Garfias, 29 points

-         Joe Forney, 32 points

-         Travis DeCosta, 10 points

-         Ray Acosta, 30 points

-         Chris Chavez, 28 points

-         Rosabel Acosta, 20 points

-         Anthony Givens, 8 points

-         Nancy Massa, 12 points

-         Sergio Garcia, 21 points

-         Tera Burbank, 42 points

-         Chris Edwards, 37 points

-         James Magana, 37 points


Posted On: 12/16/2014

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