Instructions: please fill out the following application, in its entirety, to be considered for the SISU Pro Team.  Please record your answers in a read-able text format, and include question numbers next to each response.  Formatting, spelling, and grammar do count!  When you are done, email it as an attachment to sisu.staff@gmail.com.  Good luck!

About the Team:

We are excited to form this SISU Pro Team!  We’re looking for people who will be proud to represent the philosophy of our team – “Ultimate Determination, Fortitude and Persistence Carried to an Unfathomable Level”.  People chosen to be on this team should set a standard to which the rest of us aspire.  You must be accomplished athletically, be of good moral character, and be dedicated to overcoming everyday obstacles and pushing yourself to (and sometimes beyond) your limits.

Roles & Responsibilities of Team Members

  • - Wear Team SISU gear at race events
  • - Promote Team SISU through blog and social media posts
  • - Maintain good moral character and reputation
  • - Special requests throughout the year, made by Team SISU HQ


Possible Incentives for Team Members

  • - Money for each podium finish at a major event
  • - Free product from our sponsors and discounts for the Team SISU store
  • - Free gear exclusive to the SISU Pro Team
  • - Free registrations to any SISU event
  • - Promotion of the athlete




  • Athletic achievement
    1. Why do you want to be a member of the SISU Pro Team?
    2. Please provide your racing resume, covering at least one year of racing.  Include your finishing time (if available), and how you placed, for each race.
    3. Do you have a favorite race? 
    4. What is your preferred racing distance (e.g., Spartan Sprint, Super, Beast, etc.)?
    5. Please describe the most extreme and difficult race you have participated in?
    6. Have you ever DNF’d (not finished a race)?  If so, what did you learn from the experience?
    7. Have you had to overcome any difficulties or disabilities in your life?  Please elaborate.
    8. What are your racing goals for 2016?
    9. What long term goals do you have for your athletic career?
    10. How do you think Team SISU can help you achieve them?


  • Quality of character
    1. Are there any fellow athletes who can vouch for your quality of character?  What do you think would they say about you?
    2. Please provide 3 adjectives that you think best describe you.
    3. In what ways do you enjoy giving back to others?
    4. Do you inspire anyone?  How so?
    5. Do you believe you are a role model?  If so, what do want people to emulate about yourself?  What message do you want to send to your fans / followers?


  • Ability to spread the message and philosophy of “sisu”
    1. How do you embody the spirit of the Finnish concept of “sisu”?
    2. Do you currently blog or share your workouts, thoughts, tips on social media?  Please elaborate.
    3. Do you currently promote any other brands?  Do you think these would prevent you, in any way, from promoting your association with Team SISU (or our sponsors, i.e., Honey Badger or Trail Toes)?  If so, how?
    4. Please list some of the connections and relationships you have in the OCR community.  Are currently a member of any other teams?


Posted On: 09/17/2015

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