2016 SISU Iron Media Challenge

For this year's SISU Iron event, participants were asked to reach out to the media (TV, newspaper, etc.) to talk about their participation in the 30+ hour endurance event and why they are doing it.  Here are a few of the submissions we received back at Team SISU HQ.  
Participants clearing this challenge will get a special reward (TBD) during the Iron.  
Janice Marie Ferguson & Li-Ping Chew
"2 Coast residents prepare for competition" by WLOX ABC in Biloxi, Mississippi.
Joanie Anderson
"Nipomo woman cleans up trash left at Pirates Cove cave" by KSBY Nipomo, California.
Willie Dengler, BJ Pierce, & Josh Fillion
"Spartan Training" by Good Day Sacramento, CBS, Sacramento, CA
Amber Lukes & Kayla Petterson
Chris Cow & Anne Plourde
"Courses no obstacle to racing junkies"
Ken Herzog
"Meet Your Neighbor: Ken Herzog Tackles SISU IRON"
Mimi Schector
"Profiles in Badassary Presents Mimi Schector"
Fabian Lindner & Julie Fults
"The terrible horrible no good very bad 30 hours"
Jesus Chavez
"Plainfield Man and Two Close Friends Take on the SISU Iron"
Ryan Tworek
"Local Racer Ryan Tworek Takes on The SISU Iron - 30 Hour Challenge"
Chad Weberg & Anthony Lazo
"Three Amigos Take On the SISU Iron"
Amy Saldana, Guy Matthews, Jairo S. Mafla, Nancy Garcia, Neysa Renfrew, Pengchon Vann, Sai Yan Ara, Susana Morales, & Ted Ibarra  
"Band Of Misfits Take On 30 Hour Endurance Challenge"
Katie Grisko
"Tierrasanta Resident Tests Endurance"
Bonnie Mobley
"Hometown News"
Playa Del Rey, California

Posted On: 03/03/2016

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