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Most podcasts, like 85%...
Most podcasts never make it to episode 7. I thought that was a ridiculous number until we started accepting network partners. That is, partners that are podcasting with us because of a shared vision. Low and behold, most of them fell off not after 4 or 5 shows. After one or two they fizzled.

I get it, it's tough to get consistent with anything new. That's why this post is dedicated to giving major props to Team SISU and SISU:RADIO.
New athletes...
Really quick before I do though, all of our past contributors have an open door and we expect a few of them to relaunch in 2016! I think that's pretty cool.

Also, if you are a new subscriber to Athletes on Fire (AOF), thanks, I'm a real person and these emails aren't automated. Someday I will have a few automated emails to introduce new people to some of our best stuff, but for now, what's up? You can always send me a message, I always get back.
Sisu love fest...
Okay, SISU, you are on Episode 16, it's a great one featuring Amelia Boone, and you are still chugging.

Thank you Steffen Cook for hosting. You are a natural; inquisitive, thoughtful, and you let your guests have the spotlight.

The audio struggled in the beginning and thanks for investing in legit audio (for all future shows btw). Thanks for promoting the shows, doing the posts and loving your fans. Thanks to the rest of Team SISU. And, if you are reading, check out their signature endurance event, the IRON. I was covering it last year, it ain't no joke.

For all of SISU:RADIO shows, go HERE.

That's it, hope you can fit in a few of our other shows in the meantime. As always, you can support us by buying gear on our website.

I am.
You are.
Everyone is an ATHLETE!

-- Scott Jones


Past Podcast Episodes:

Saturday November 14th 2015

Miguel Medina / SISU


Saturday November 21st 2015

Joda Quigley / UK / SISU


Saturday November 28th 2015

Dave Lokey/Miguel Medina / WTM / SISU


Saturday December 5th 2015

Chris Rutz / Team SISU


Saturday December 12th 2015

Patrick Mies II


Saturday December 19th 2015

Ande Wegner / Cornfed


Saturday December 26th 2015

Kyoul Cha / Firefighter / HH


Saturday January 2nd 2016

Tony Matesi / Hurricane Heat / Death Race


Saturday January 9th 2016

Kit Klein / Goruck


Saturday January 16th 2016

TPK / Brandon and Odette


Saturday January 23rd 2016

Fabian Linder


Saturday January 30th 2016

Josue Stephens / Survival Run


Saturday February 6th

Don Devaney


Saturday February 13th

Mark Webb


Saturday February 20th

SISU Iron clips review


Saturday February 27th

Johnny Waite


Saturday March 5th

Helene Dumais


Saturday March 19th

Amelia Boone


Saturday March 26th

Amanda Sullivan


Saturday April 2nd
Alec Blenis

Posted On: 03/26/2016

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