Team SISU Patch

Product Code: sisupatch
Price: $10.00
2 or more $9.00
3 or more $8.33

Represent Team SISU with this special, embroidered patch.  Wear the skull and hammers with pride!

Buy one for $10, two for $18, or three for $25 (best value). Ships for free!

Our logo:
The SISU hammer represents the process of forging people into the athletes that they want to be, the inner warriors hiding within.  Like the act of forging steel, we put them through a crucible, subjecting them to extreme difficulties.  In doing so, we expose new levels of strength and endurance, making them less likely to break under similar future trials.  The skull represents fear and our battle to overcome it.  It could be fear of death, fear of injury, fear of pain, or fear of the unknown.  It's that little voice telling us to quit, when things get difficult.  By incorporating that into our logo, we own it and we are thus able to conquer it.