SISU 24 - Adventure Run

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Event Name: SISU 24 - Adventure Run
Event Date: 12/13/2014
Event Time: 09:00:00 AM
Event Days: Saturday
Event Length: 24 hours
Location: Henninger Flats,
Altadena, CA
Seats: 74
Seats Available: 19
Instructor: Matt Trinca
Instructor Bio:
Matt Trinca has over 19 years competitive running experience, and over 4 years of mud runs / obstacle course races. He has also been training with kettlebells, in the Russian "Hard Style", for the past 5 years and is a part-time instructor at NDS Kettlebell Athletics in Lakewood, CA. A long-time student of running and physical fitness, Matt brings his creativity and engineering prowess to his unique style of training. Like Bruce Lee, Matt's ultimate goal is to blend all the various methods and techniques for training into a delicious concoction of fun and challenge. He encourages people to PRACTICE, to IMPROVE, and to TRAIN SMARTER, so that they might PERFORM BETTER, ACHIEVE MORE, and become more RESILIENT TO INJURY. In his free time, Matt enjoys hiking and spending time his dogs. Matt's resume includes:
  • 4 years high school Track and Field and Cross-Country (at one of the top-ranked programs in the nation),
  • 4 years NCAA, DIV I Cross-Country,
  • 7 Full-Marathons, 3 Half-Marathons, 4 Triathlons, and over 100 other distance races
  • Over 16 Spartan Races, 3 Tough Mudders, 1 Warrior Dash, etc.
  • Organized the NDS Obstacle Course Race, the SISU Upstream Challenge, and more
  • Spartan Race Street Team
  • Malibu Spartan Sprint Race Manager, West Coast Promoter, and Grassroots Ambassador
  • Certified Spartan Race Coach (in progress)
  • NAFC certified group instructor (in progress)

9am, Dec 13th, 2014 - 9am, Dec14th, 2014.  

Team SISU is proud to bring you this one-of-a-kind event. We will be running the trails of Altadena for 24-hours. There will be camping and fun. There will also be a race, for those of you who are competitive. Individuals and teams of 3 can compete. Run as much or as little of the course in one day as you want. There will also be special SISU challenges to test your limits.


The run will begin at 9am on Dec 13. You are welcome to come before (arriving after 2pm, Dec 12) to setup and camp out. The event will end at 9am on Dec 14. We have the campsites until Dec 14 at 12pm, so you will have time to rest and clean up after the race. Parking will be on the street and is limited, so carpooling is recommended.
This event will take place a beautiful Henninger Flats and the trails around Eaton Canyon.  Some hiking up the campsite is required.  We will require hikers to be at Eaton Canyon Nature Center by 6am on Saturday, so that we can all start the event together at the campsite.  There are pit toilets, no showers, and no running water.  We recommend you bring ready-to-eat meals and snacks.  You will be required to bring your own water as well.
Participants can register as individuals. Individuals will run various designated trails during the 24-hours. There will also be special challenges they must complete. Top three finishers will get special awards.
Teams of three may run this as a relay. Team members register separately, and must indicate their teammates and team name when registering. All three runners can be on the course at the same time, and each person can score separately.  Scores will be tallied up to determine a winner.   Members of the top team will receive awards.  
There will be a mandatory pre-race briefing at 8:30am at the campsite on Sat, Dec 13, where all the race logistics will be revealed.  After that, we will proceed to the start area for the official beginning of the race.
Email with any questions.
Use the Facebook invite to RSVP. Registration is not complete, however, until you pay for the event using the SISU website. Don't wait!  Limited spots are available.
Registration fee = $84.
* Not refundable.
Send payment via the Team SISU website at
Hydration pack (e.g., CamelBak)
Food for 24-hours
2-gallons of water
Index card
Ink pad
Water filter or water purification tablets
Sleeping bag
Bug spray
Toilet Paper
Trail shoes
Long socks
Heavy jacket
Walkie Talkie (for teams)
Paper, kindling, and matches
Hand sanitizer
GPS or compass

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