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Event Name: SISU Iron
Event Date: 05/02/2014
Event Time: 09:00:00 PM
Event Days: Friday
Event Length: 10, 20, or 30 hours
Location: Camp Trask
Monrovia, CA
Seats: 100
Seats Available: 58
Instructor: Matt Trinca
Instructor Bio:
Matt Trinca has over 19 years competitive running experience, and over 4 years of mud runs / obstacle course races. He has also been training with kettlebells, in the Russian "Hard Style", for the past 5 years and is a part-time instructor at NDS Kettlebell Athletics in Lakewood, CA. A long-time student of running and physical fitness, Matt brings his creativity and engineering prowess to his unique style of training. Like Bruce Lee, Matt's ultimate goal is to blend all the various methods and techniques for training into a delicious concoction of fun and challenge. He encourages people to PRACTICE, to IMPROVE, and to TRAIN SMARTER, so that they might PERFORM BETTER, ACHIEVE MORE, and become more RESILIENT TO INJURY. In his free time, Matt enjoys hiking and spending time his dogs. Matt's resume includes:
  • 4 years high school Track and Field and Cross-Country (at one of the top-ranked programs in the nation),
  • 4 years NCAA, DIV I Cross-Country,
  • 7 Full-Marathons, 3 Half-Marathons, 4 Triathlons, and over 100 other distance races
  • Over 16 Spartan Races, 3 Tough Mudders, 1 Warrior Dash, etc.
  • Organized the NDS Obstacle Course Race, the SISU Upstream Challenge, and more
  • Spartan Race Street Team
  • Malibu Spartan Sprint Race Manager, West Coast Promoter, and Grassroots Ambassador
  • Certified Spartan Race Coach (in progress)
  • NAFC certified group instructor (in progress)

May 2nd - 4th, 2014. 

This is it, the SISU IRON. Team SISU members this is the one event every year you will not want to miss!

We will not be telling you exactly what is planned for the event. What you can plan on is to be challenged like you never have before.

We have an amazing location reserved for this event - Camp Trask in Monrovia Canyon Park. It's a Boy Scout camp that has been used in several movies. There are snakes and bears...we will truly be escaping the city and entering the wilderness of the Angeles Forest. It's a beautiful setting with creeks and waterfalls. You can bring your tents and camp out before / after the event. 


Mandatory Gear List:
* Hydration Pack and Bladder
* Food and Water for the duration of your event
* Florescent work vest
* Headlamp
* 5-gallon Bucket
* Axe or Maul
* Eye protection (i.e., safety goggles/glasses)
* $15 cash
* 4 Safety Pins
* Life Jacket
* 8 Rubber Ducky’s randomly numbered 0-9 on the underside (you can repeat numbers)
* Tea Bag

Additional Recommended Gear:
* Sewing needle & thread
* Flint & Iron
* Pen & paper
* Tape Measure
* Metal Coat Hanger
* Aluminum or Tin Can
* Knife
* Rope
* Saw

IMPORTANT: You will NOT be allowed to race without the required gear.
There are three levels this year:
Ralph Macchio level - 10 HRS
Chuck Norris level - 20 HRS
Bruce Lee level - 30 HRS

Each level will have a slightly different starting time, but everyone will finish together. It is mandatory that you show up for these starts on time in order to complete the registration process:
Ralph Macchio - Saturday, May 3rd, 5pm
Chuck Norris - Saturday, May 3rd, 7am
Bruce Lee - Friday, May 2nd, 9pm

How to apply:

There will be a mandatory application process this year for the 30-hour event*. Entrants must provide a race resume to prove they can handle the Iron. Examples of qualifiers include: completing an ultra-marathon in the last 2 years, a 24+ hr. adventure race, a Death Race, completing 4 or more SISU events in one year, etc.

Please send your applications to

*No application is necessary for the 10 or 20-hour.

Registration fees:
$75 before Jan 1st
$115 before March 24th
$155 before May 1st

Register for the event at

Registration will include:
*Overnight Stay at Camp Trask – Plenty of 2 man tents or bring your own
*Exclusive gear only available to IRON athletes
*Custom Awards - unlike any award you have gotten before!
*IRONMAN and IRONWOMAN award voted on by the athletes
*BIBS for all athletes - Plus Goodies and Swag!
*An event and challenge unlike anything you have done 
*Spectators, family, friends are free and encouraged (we need volunteers also)