2018 F.O.R.G.E. - Team SISU Ruck

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Price: $80.00


 5th Annual F.O.R.G.E “Fraternal Overnight Rucking Grand Event”. 

Rucktards and ticket holders to the SISU Abusement Park will be physically and mentally challenged.  "Lift heavy shit, carry your own damn pack, over stupid miles, find the Wolfman and pants him, forge new friendships, strengthen existing bonds..." 

Most of all, bring your inner SISU - "What must be done will be done, regardless of cost." 

It will take teamwork. You will start in the dark, and see the sunrise the next morning.  You will be there to support the person next to you, just as they will be there to support you.

The event will last approximately 13 hours.

Date: 24 February 2018

Start Time: 9:00pm local time.

Location: The Abusement Park (TBD).

Cost: $60 for early-birds (until Nov 26), $70 (until Jan 25), and $80 (after Jan 25).

Finishers will receive a custom SISU F.O.R.G.E. patch.

Sign-up here and then RSVP on the event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/226987751040230/).

Required equipment:
* 15% of your body weight, to be carried with you at all times (must be dry weight; does not necessarily need to be bricks).
* Enough food and water for 13 hours of activity (hint: there will be no picnics; pack food you can eat on the go).
* Headlamp is mandatory; glow sticks and a reflective vest are recommended.
* $20 emergency money (e.g., for a cab ride, food, etc.).
* Old glory is definitely required.